The ResQLadder® Emergency Fire Escape Ladder provides a safe means of getting out of your home or business when all other exits are unavailable due to an emergency, fire or other hazard. 


These Three Room Fire Escape Ladder Packs will ensure that all family members have three additional means of egress in the event of an emergency situation to safely get out of danger and reach the designated meeting place.


Consider your family at risk of being injured in your own home due to fire or an emergency. Our aim, at, is to have your home securely equipped with ResQLadder® emergency escape ladders. Our portable escape ladders range from 12’ to 50’ in length. They are designed for any home or office building 2 stories up to 6 stories. Never worry about your family’s escape from a fire again; make ResQLadder® part of your escape plan.


  • Portable, no installation necessary

  • Tested to support over 1000 lbs.

  • Designed to fit standard windowsill wall up to 10" thick

  • Easy to install or remove standoffs provide added stability for every rung while allowing flexibility to avoid a variety of wall obstructions or hazards.

    Example: A lower floor window located directly below designated egress window and the path of deployed escape ladder along wall.

    For this scenario the standoffs on the rungs located in front of window may be removed to avoid breaking the glass.

  • Optional plastic sleeves cover the chain for added comfort

Ladder Packs - ResQLadder® Emergency Escape Ladders



    Emergency Escape Ladder



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    We are proud to offer the ResQLadder® brand of emergency escape ladders.

    They are made in Bridgeport Connecticut by Bold Industries. Proud to be among the many companies still dedicated to manufacturing products in the United States.